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How To Categorize the Impact of an Incident

Everything is going well until you get an alert that there has been a system outage. In this article, we define an incident and share how to categorize an incident's impact.

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What is SRE?

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a practice for managing the reliability of systems. Google originally developed SRE in the early-2000s when Ben Treynor Sloss started the first SRE team, coined the name, and set the tone for the industry.

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How To Create a Culture of Accountability in an Engineering Organization

A Culture of Accountability is one where the whole team understands they’re working towards a common goal to help the organization succeed then proactively works to deliver value on behalf of your organization, and pivots to help fix mistakes as they occur.

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How to Cultivate an Open Culture

In an organization with an open culture, everyone should be able to receive and provide critical feedback in a meaningful manner with transparency and respect.

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SREIncident Response101

What is On Call?

In the engineering world, being “on call” means you need to be available to be contacted if an incident or issue arises. This chosen engineer or group of engineers may be on call regardless if it’s during the workday or after regular business hours.

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Customer ExperienceCommunicationHow To

How To Communicate with Customers

Customers understand that incidents happen, but they'll want information and updates when their service is disrupted. So make sure you have a clear plan on how to get clear and concise information to your impacted users when it matters the most.

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How to Talk Incident Management with Non-Engineers

Managing incidents goes beyond the engineering organization, so it's important that there's a plan for how to share information outside of the responding team - especially to non-technical team members who are customer-facing.

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