PagerDuty Integration Updates

It's easier than ever to turn PagerDuty alerts into FireHydrant incidents in one click.

Dylan Nielsen

Turn PagerDuty alerts into FireHydrant incidents in one click

In an effort to make it even easier to open incidents, FireHydrant will now let you open an incident from Slack in a single click. When an alert is ingested into FireHydrant a message will post to a channel of your choosing to open an incident. When the incident is opened it will pull in all the data from the PagerDuty alert and configure your incident with that data. Now you can go from an alert firing in PagerDuty to an open FireHydrant incident with all of your automated process in under 5 seconds.

Link new alerts to existing FireHydrant incidents

You can also link multiple alerts to the same incidents in FireHydrant. Viewing linked alerts in your retrospective can help you discover what alerts are correlated in your alerting platform so you can start reducing alerting noise.

Bidirectional alert syncing

When alerts are attached in FireHydrant the status of the alert and the incident metrics are synced between FireHydrant and PagerDuty. Resolve your primary alert and your FireHydrant incident will be resolved and vice versa. FireHydrant will also include the PagerDuty alerting times in your incident so you can easily view your detection, acknowledgement, and resolution metrics in FireHydrant.

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