Product Updates: Integrations with Opsgenie and VictorOps, and more!

We've had a lot of product updates this month. Check out our integrations with Opsgenie and VictorOps, new templates for incident types, and many other small improvements

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By Dylan Nielsen on 1/28/2021

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A lot has happened at FireHydrant since our last update, you’ll see some new integrations, improvements to how you can declare an incident in Slack, and some templating that’ll help your team speed up your process. Furthermore, a new year means a lot of new events, content and giveaways! Read on for the details.

Fresh new features to try

New Integrations: Opsgenie & VictorOps

Now available - we’ve just released a first class Opsgenie integration. Now FireHydrant can automatically associate incidents to alerts, assign team members to on-call schedules, open incidents in Slack in a single click from new alerts, and more. Customers who’ve leveraged our alerting integrations have seen their mean time to respond drop by 75%! Learn more about what this integration can do here.

Not only do we support Opsgenie, we also support VictorOps as well! Now enjoy the ability to manage your response in FireHydrant no matter which alerting provider you use. Learn more on how to configure VictorOps here.

Templatize your incident types

Templatize your incident types Do you consistently have similar types of incidents? Do you wish that the correct infrastructure was always attached to the incidents that you consistently spin up? Using incident types you can now template all of the details, including runbooks, to include on an incident with only one selection. Learn more about how to implement types and get your team to open incidents faster and more reliably.

Use /fh and /incident

Let’s face it, typing out /firehydrant in Slack every time you want to run a command takes too long. We have introduced two new commands that behave in the exact same way as /firehydrant but shorter! Now you can use /fh or /incident in Slack to interact with the bot.

Some content to catch up on

Let’s make 2021 a good one

Needless to say, good riddance to 2020. We’re really looking forward to great momentum this year and making it better than “fine” by supporting your incidents (with the help of our trusty dalmatian mascot, Patchy).

Along with that support, we’ll be creating more great new content on the blog. The most recent highlights include a sharing some FireHydrant stats from 2020 and an interview with Jeff Smith, Director of Production Operations from Centro. And in case you missed it, we’ve declared 2021 the Year of Reliability.


If you missed our previous updates, check out our Product Releases page.

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