Announcing our newest integration: Confluence

Starting today, incident and retrospective data that lives inside FireHydrant is now easier than ever to export to your Confluence account.

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By Dylan Nielsen on 1/26/2022

Preformatted retros - automatically sent to Confluence

Using FireHydrant’s Runbooks, incident and retro data can be automatically sent to Confluence at any point in the incident lifecycle. For example, the moment you’ve resolved an incident FireHydrant can create a fresh Confluence page with all of the critical incident information stored in FireHydrant. When utilizing Runbook conditions, you can choose the perfect moment to send your FireHydrant retro to a Confluence workspace.

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New template variables available to all Runbook steps

While FireHydrant offers a nicely preformatted document to send to Confluence, we have also added a new template variable available to all Runbook steps: retro.

The new retro variable includes all of your custom retrospective questions, contributing factors, and even starred events in a single object. With the new templating option, you’re able to customize Runbook steps such as email notifications and status page updates with contributing factors, starred Slack messages, and custom retrospective fields to include more context than ever before.

Learn more about configuring and using the Confluence integration here or take it for a test drive by installing it in the integrations page in your FireHydrant application.

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