Announcing our new Webex Meetings integration

FireHydrant has expanded its integrations portfolio to include Cisco's Webex Meetings video collaboration platform. Now users can automate Webex bridge creation directly from FireHydrant.

Michelle Peot

Previously, FireHydrant supported video collaboration tool integrations for Zoom and Google Meet. In response to customer asks, today we are pleased to introduce our new Cisco Webex Meetings integration for all paid plans.

With the new integration, teams can automate Webex bridge creation as part of incident response.

How it works

First, configure the integration by authorizing the Webex application in the FireHydrant settings.

To automate Webex bridge creation during incident response, add a Create a Webex meeting Runbook step.

Options include dynamic Webex meeting names and descriptions using templating variables, and whether to:

  • Allow participants to join before the host
  • Enable auto recording of the meeting


When the Runbook is triggered a Webex bridge is automatically created for the incident.

Webex bridge link example

Getting started

For detailed steps on configuration, refer to our tutorial.

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