Better task management in Slack…check!

We are introducing a better experience in Slack to view and manage all your tasks during an incident.

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By Vinessa Wan on 3/8/2022

Keeping track of what all that you need to do to mitigate an incident is crucial. And if you’re an Incident Commander, you also need to keep track of what everyone is doing. This is why we’re excited to share a new experience in Slack to create and manage all tasks in an incident.

Task management in slack

For Responders, view and manage your tasks

When deep into the weeds of an incident, it can be easy to lose track of what you need to do. Now by typing the command, /firehydrant tasks, you will view a task management slack modal that allows you to update the state of tasks, edit details, and reassign tasks.

For Commanders, easily create and keep track of all the tasks

As a Commander, you are charged with making sure the right people are doing the right things to mitigate and resolve an incident. Our new Slack commands will help you easily create tasks and view the state of an individual’s tasks, what is unassigned, as well as see all the tasks in an incident. In addition to viewing tasks, you can also update the state of tasks, edit details, and reassign tasks.

Read more about this feature here and stay tuned for more in task management!

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