An easier way to create runbooks

The experience of creating runbooks has been redesigned to make it easier for you to see the most important information. Our updates also introduce the ability to clone a runbook by selecting “Copy” on a saved runbook.

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By Vinessa Wan on 2/17/2022

Runbooks have been a game changer for many incident response teams, and we just made it easier for you to get up and running with them. Runbooks reduce toil for responders and ensure consistency in your incident management processes.In the thick of trying to resolve an issue, remembering things like emailing customers is likely the last thing on responders minds but yet forgetting to do so can be detrimental. 

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Copy your existing runbooks

You can now copy a runbook by selecting “Copy” on an existing runbook. Setting up a new runbook just got easier while enabling you to keep your best practices and standardize incident response with less configuration time. 

Streamlined runbook overview and creation

Quickly seeing what a runbook does, when it will attach, and when step execution rules just got a whole lot better with a refreshed UI. And if that wasn’t enough, building out new runbooks is a breeze with the runbook builder modal.

Manual attachment is now the default attachment rule

Previously all runbooks created would be automatically attached to any incident. While this seemed convenient, we observed more of a Steve Urkel effect when runbooks created in a spirit of experimentation get attached to actual production incidents. Now, the default execution rule is that the runbook will only attach when manually invoked, so it can serve as a draft until automated conditions can be used. This change will only affect new runbooks.

You can check out all the updates for yourself or head to the help documentation. Got additional questions or an idea on how to make this better? Send a note to FireHydrant Support - we thrive on feedback. 

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