You've never seen
alerting like this before

You've never seen alerting like this before

A modern tool for modern teams

All the control without the complexity. Beautifully simple on-call schedules, escalation policies, and alerts.

Work the way you want

The alerts you want and nothing else

Choose alerts for the events that matter to your team. Multiple teams can subscribe to the same event so you can rally all hands on deck when sh*t goes sideways.

Start building

Flexible schedules for when life happens

Build rotations that mirror the way teams really work – around the clock or around the globe – and adjust on the fly with a simple Slack command.

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Notifications where you already work

Get alerts on any device with the tools you already use. From Native iOS and Android apps to Slack and WhatsApp, we’ve got you covered.

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Pricing that just makes sense

  • Pay for what you use

    Signals is priced by how many alerts you send. Don't stress about who needs an expensive license. Just send alerts to people who need them.

  • More value, fewer tools

    FireHydrant delivers full-stack incident management in a single, purpose-built platform. One tool (and one price) for alerting, on-call, incident response, status pages, and retrospectives.

  • Easy to scale

    Get started with a small team or the entire organization. Teams control their own schedules and pricing is based on consumption, so you can build as you grow.

Signals is built smarter
so you can go further

Alerts != incidents

We've decoupled incidents and alerts so that you can decide what really warrants an investigation. Ack it, dismiss it, or kick off an incident.

Analytics that are actually helpful

Signals is the only tool that shows how alerts impact teams. See who gets the most alerts, where alert-to-incident ratio is high, and how alerts convert by team.

Powerful routing and filtering

Signals rules are powered by Common Expression Language (CEL), so you can route and fine-tune alerts in a way never before possible.

Alerting + Incident Management
Better together

Assemble the team and work the problem without a single swivel of the chair. FireHydrant delivers end-to-end incident management from the moment something seems off until you've learned from the retro.