New Integration: Declare FireHydrant Incidents from Checkly Alerts 

Learn more about our integration with Checkly, an API and E2E monitoring platform

Julia Tran

Streamlining your incident management process is what we do best, and one of the ways we do that is by acting as the connective tissue across all of your applications. We’ve partnered with Checkly to bring you a new integration that empowers you to detect problems and resolve incidents faster.

Checkly is an API and E2E monitoring platform that lets you configure synthetic and API monitoring as part of your existing infrastructure codebase, cover E2E scenarios using JavaScript, and adapt checks with Node.js-based setup and teardown scripts.

With FireHydrant and Checkly, you can automatically send alert data from Checkly to FireHydrant to declare an incident and kick off a Runbook. Now, when a check fails, you will see an alert in your configured Slack channel.

To learn more about the new integration and set it up, check out our Help Center

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