See the big picture with the Service Dependency Graph

Say hello to the Service Dependency Graph – a visual representation of the upstream and downstream impacts of an incident or change to your infrastructure.

Crystal Poenisch

Understanding the impact and scope of an incident when degradation occurs is critical for returning your service online. This requires modeling the many downstream and upstream relationships between your services. Our new Service Dependency Graph provides a shortcut – a way to surface dependencies quickly, understand the relationship between services, and determine the scope or impact of an incident.

Service Dependency Graph

In April, we released Service Dependencies to help you instantly discover all services impacted by an incident. With Service Dependencies, you can define key relationships within your Service Catalog and unlock more time to respond.

The Service Dependency Graph surfaces that information in an easy-to-digest interactive visual map. The graphic format reduces cognitive load and manual toil by allowing you to see associated services at a glance and in one place and quickly navigate your network of services during an incident.

Start simplifying your service ownership, minimizing manual toil, and reducing resolution times by visiting your Service Catalog and using the new Actions column to see your graph and add dependencies.

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