It's not ready for production until it has an Operational Readiness Checklist

Operational Readiness Checklist adds a layer of accountability and resilience to improve your service catalog best practices. Learn more to help improve your service adoption and incident response.

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By Ally McKnight on 2/11/2022

Make your services ready for Production

Maintaining the reliability of complex services just got easier with Operational Readiness Checklists. Service owners and engineering leaders can now evaluate and maintain the production readiness of the services their users rely on every day: spot risks in your service dependencies before they cause incidents, and respond quickly if they do. Before you put a new service into production, readiness checklists help you dot-your-is and cross-your-ts.

Operational Readiness Checklist Overview

Improve operational rigor, audit your compliance, and bring best practices to your service catalog

Responding to incidents quickly and reducing your mean time to recovery (MTTR) starts with making sure your software is ready for production. Ensure your services have operational best practices in place like team ownership, alerting, documentation, and defined service level objectives (SLOs). Keep your customers’ data secure with dedicated security checklists so every service meets your security requirements. This will level up the technical excellence of your system with checklists that help mitigate future incidents by having robust service standards.

Level up the technical excellence of your services with Checklists

As your service graph grows, so does the burden of identifying risks in your system. SRE teams and engineering leaders can make sure that their most critical services are being supported by production-ready dependencies. CTOs and CISOs can get a birds eye view into how their teams are adhering to security and compliance requirements. Operational Readiness Checklists can easily scale with your organization, whether you’re ready to formalize your first checklist or you’ve got established guidelines ready to go. Get started today with Operational Readiness Checklists in every account type.

Learn more about configuring and using the Operational Readiness Checklists here or take it for a test drive by creating your first Operational Readiness Checklist.

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