Make every engineer
a confident responder

Put incident response on autopilot with automation that jumpstarts problem solving and gives responders turn-by-turn navigation to maneuver incidents.

  • Automation for the win

    Put the robots to work and turn the critical first minutes of incident declaration into seconds. Quickly move to problem solving while automation and integrations bring the right people, tools, and information together in one place.

  • Crush the mental load

    Lower the stress levels with consistent, guided steps that make it easy for any engineer to confidently respond to an incident. Turn your process into workflows that deliver a predictable experience every time.

  • Grow as you go

    Every team works differently. Start simple with essential steps or tailor workflows to your team’s delight using custom conditions based on severity, service, team, or complexity.

Trusted by reliability obsessed engineering teams

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FireHydrant solved problems we had with incident processes. Creating incidents, communication to on-call teams, collecting notes, and incident metrics are all easier than before.

Adam Whitlock

When things go wrong, we must act efficiently and in a coordinated manner. We found FireHydrant, which quickly became an integral part of our incident response process - it helped us achieve just that.

Vitor Pellegrino

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