New MTTX analytics to drive your reliability roadmap

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By Milan Thakker on 2/14/2024

Analytics are great. We can all agree there. But not all analytics are created equal. FireHydrant has long offered incident analytics dashboards that provide an in-depth look at the entire incident lifecycle. You can see how incidents impact services and teams, understand retrospective participation and completion, and even get insight into follow-ups. But great analytics do more than simply organize data. They help you tell a story. Today we’re releasing a new MTTX analytics dashboard that’ll supercharge alignment and investment conversations across your organization. 

With the new MTTX analytics dashboard, you can see which services are most affected by incidents, where they take the longest to detect, acknowledge, mitigate, and resolve (you know, the mean-time-to-x), and how these metrics and statistics have changed over time. All that stacks up to provide you with a tool for having the really important conversations about reliability. 

All too frequently, there’s a perception of a service or product line that “never has problems” when in reality, it’s experiencing incidents day after day, burning out the engineers responsible for fixing it. Or, there’s a service that has the reputation of being difficult or unreliable that has improved but still has the reputation of being painful to work with. The new MTTX analytics dashboard uses data as the great equalizer. You can put the reliability of different services into context against a baseline and clearly understand which services are causing the most pain. 

As always, you can easily export your FireHydrant data to manipulate or visualize in other tools, or simply screenshot and drop into that presentation for your boss. Take a look at the new stuff and let us know what you think.

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