FireHydrant May 2021 Product Updates: The summer of integrations

In May we released integrations with Checkly and Google Meet.

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By Julia Tran on 5/27/2021

It's the summer of integrations

With 50% of the US adult population vaccinated, there’s a lot to look forward to this summer, life no longer feels like it’s on hold, and we’re fully embracing that. Get your fire hoses ready, 'cause extinguishing incidents just got easier. We’re rolling out a summer full of new integrations, product releases, events, and more.


New integration: Create Google Meet incident bridges automatically

Using the power of FireHydrant Runbooks, a Google Meet can be added with fully customizable titles and agendas based on your incident details. With the FireHydrant and Google Meet integration, you can:

  • Set a Runbook step that spins up a Google Meet

  • Spin up multiple Google Meet per incident

  • Automatically post the Google Meet link in all incident messages that get posted in Slack

  • Use it as a Runbook Template variable

  • View the Google Meet link in the incident header and table

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New integration: Declare incidents from Checkly Alerts

With FireHydrant and Checkly, you can automatically send alert data from Checkly to FireHydrant to declare an incident and kick off a Runbook. Now, when a check fails, you will see an alert in your configured Slack channel.

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That's a wrap: WTF is Incident Management Panel

We brought together expert panelists to discuss how they define incident management, what changes they'd make if they could start again from scratch, how to manage team stress after an incident, and more. Our panelists were: host Matt Stratton (Staff Developer Advocate at Pulumi), Emily Ruppe (Incident Commander at Twilio), Alina Anderson (Sr. TPM Site Reliability Engineering at Outreach), and our CEO and co-founder, Robert Ross. Here are the highlights!

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4 things to consider when evaluating incident management platforms

When you’re feeling the stress and pain around incidents, making the decision to find an incident management tool is a no-brainer. But how do you choose the one that will work for you, your team, and your business? We put together an Incident Management Buyer’s Guide to help you through the decision-making process. In this post, we've highlighted the top four things to consider as you start your search.

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