FireHydrant expands Reliability Platform with Service Catalog

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Service Catalog to help you better manage, query, and learn about the services that exist in your infrastructure.  

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By Julia Tran on 10/6/2021

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Service Catalog to help you better manage, query, and learn about the services that exist in your infrastructure.

At FireHydrant, we envision a world where all software is reliable, and we’re on a mission to help every company that builds or operates software get closer to 100% reliability. Service Catalog helps you get closer to 100% reliability.

With Service Catalog, you can:

Map out your services with automatic ingestion.

  • FireHydrant’s Service Catalog allows you to simply add and organize your functionalities, services, and environments out of the box.
  • Store Service Catalog data as code in a Github repo and FireHydrant will automatically update our data whenever yours changes.

Automate your incident management process based on services conditions.

  • Set up Runbook conditions with service metadata and automatically attach service metadata to incidents, so that you can quickly identify the correct services and owners to point responders directly to the impacted areas for resolution based on the details.

Easily discover everything you need to know about a service.

  • Quickly find out what a service does, who created it, the recent changes, and all other information associated with it.
  • Easily query services from wherever you work, whether that is Slack, our web UI, our through APIs.
  • Make data-driven decisions to improve your infrastructure based on analytics around service metadata.

Already have a service catalog provider?

We integrate with these formats: Backstage, Effx, and OpsLevel.

Check out more in our Help Center and set up Service Catalog today.

Learn more about Service Catalog below

What is Service Catalog

A service catalog can be a key differentiator in establishing better service reliability for maintaining and growing products. Principal functionalities like who built this service, why it’s important, and labeled metadata can decide the output of how to iterate upon a given service or how to respond to an incident the respective service is involved in. Mature service catalogs also enable process automation to ensure newly created services adhere to requirements set by the engineering organization.

Learn more about Service Catalog and what FireHydrant’s philosophy is on best practices.

How Service Catalog Increases Productivity

The amount of complexity created when services are continually added to organizations can often harm productivity. Implementing a Service Catalog can substantially increase productivity when performing incident response, making CI/CD improvements, or onboarding teams.

Learn more about how Service Catalog increases productivity across the company.

FireHydrant + Backstage Plugin

With the Firehydrant plugin, we introduce FireHydrant’s incident management and analytics in Backstage, so you can quickly and efficiently manage your incidents within Backstage.

Learn more about the FireHydrant plugin for Backstage.

A Developer's Perspective: Lessons Learned from Open Source with FireHydrant and Backstage

Read about our engineer Christine Yi's experience developing the FireHydrant plug in for Backstage and the lessons that she learned from working in open source. Christine also spoke at Backstage's Community Session on September 15. Check out the lessons learned and watch the video recording.

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