FireHydrant March 2021 Product Updates

Here are our latest product updates from March - now it's easier than ever to customize FireHydrant.

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By Dylan Nielsen on 3/31/2021

The latest from FireHydrant

From new ways to customize FireHydrant, new fields, and other highly anticipated updates, there's a lot to digest from last month. Read on to see what to try next!

Fresh new features to try

New field: Customer Impact

Let's face it: incidents are most painful when your customers are impacted. We've decided to make customer impact a first-class citizen in FireHydrant. Now you can include customer impact in your incident state, reference it in Runbook steps, and put it on your retrospectives. Expect a lot more in the near future about how we're helping teams put customers first.

Assign a role from a Runbook step

We've expanded the assignment functionality, so you can now assign a role based on a Runbook step, instead of just a team. Leveraging our automation platform, you can assign roles to your users, current on-calls synced from alerting schedules, AND the person who opened the incident. Now you can ensure the opener is the initial incident commander!

Other fun features to check out

All the small things! Export CSV data of your incidents from the incident table, search incidents by the person who opened them, and update the emoji you use to star messages in Slack (⬆️anyone?)

Some content to catch up on

From the blog

Alerts can be overwhelming, especially when you're an on-call engineer and you have to be on high alert. FireHydrant CEO, Robert Ross, gives his take on how to better manage alerts and ideally avoid adversely affecting your health

One of our engineers, Jon Anderson, gives his take on Crystal in "Testing Shell Commands with the Crystal CLI." 

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