Shhh... we have Private Incidents

FireHydrant is now offering private incidents. This will allow engineering teams to collaborate with their security and compliance counterparts on a shared platform.

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By Vinessa Wan on 12/13/2021

We’re excited to announce that private incidents are now available on FireHydrant. For the first time, incidents can have visibility limited to only permissioned users are able to see. This is a great solution for security and compliance teams who need to collaborate with their engineering counterparts to resolve incidents. 

The nature of these incidents that these teams work on dramatically differs from operational incidents. These types of incidents tend to require detailed audit trails, additional reporting, and importantly, privacy. With the introduction of private incidents, users can now work on the same platform. 

How do private incidents work in FireHydrant? 

Owners in a FireHydrant organization can designate users to view all private incidents. Users with this access can create and manage private incidents following the same processes as public incidents. Anyone without this private access trying to view a private incident receives a 404. 

But what about if this team needs to involve someone without that access? 

Easy. At any time during a private incident, a user can be added adhoc to an incident. Enabling this coordination allows the user to view and collaborate on the private incident. That said, this ad hoc user only sees information about the incident they were specifically added to.

This allows seamless collaboration between engineering and security and compliance teams, while promoting incident management best practices and learning. If you are interested in learning more about private incidents, check out our help documentation here. Try private incidents today!

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