Give copy and paste a break

Putting together a retrospective is a pain. FireHydrant automatically tracks all incident activity, so your team can spend time focusing on learning from the retrospective versus copying and pasting from communications

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How we help

Never copy and paste again

When you run your incident, FireHydrant automatically tracks events to create an accurate timeline as everything happens. There’s no more going back and forth between communications in Slack, email, or reviewing your deploys to copy and paste everything together.

Build your retros for your needs

FireHydrant provides best practice retrospectives so that you’re ready to go or customize your template to fit your internal practice.

Easily annotate what matters most

Finding and highlighting milestones and important moments is easier than ever with a comprehensive timeline of every action taken during an incident. Select what’s relevant for your retro and easily share and export them with your team.

Correlate factors and create action items

After your incident, creating action items is easy when you integrate your ticketing system in FireHydrant. As you're reviewing your retro, quickly create and assign follow-ups so you can take what you've learned and make progress.

See FireHydrant in action

See how service catalog, incident management, and incident communications come together in a live demo.

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