FireHydrant is the technology that businesses rely on to be reliable

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About FireHydrant

FireHydrant is the only comprehensive reliability platform that allows teams to achieve reliability at scale by creating speed and consistency across the entire incident response lifecycle. Our solutions allow developers to resolve, learn, and mitigate incidents faster so they can focus on what matters most: keeping business operations running smoothly and the customers their businesses serve, happy.

Our philosophy

We envision a world where maintaining reliability is frictionless. So we've set out to thoroughly understand the challenges developers face and deliver solutions that are dedicated to improving team happiness by alleviating stress, increasing productivity, and decreasing the complexity of their everyday workflow.

Why FireHydrant

We're focused on building technology that helps create a world where all software is reliable. We started with incident management and are working to set a standard for how businesses think about reliability. Our goal is to cut through manual processes and create a simple, intuitive, and best of all, delightful to use platform.

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