Multi-Org takes FireHydrant for enterprise to the next level

FireHydrant provides massive benefits to enterprise-level customers through our API capabilities, streamlined collaboration, and centralized incident management hub. The addition of Multi Org makes FireHydrant the most complete solution for enterprises.

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By Joel Smith on 9/7/2023

Too often, complexity means confusion — and confusion is your worst enemy when it comes to efficient incident response. We recently found that poor incident management practices (like confusion about what to do or how to escalate an incident) can cost companies as much as $18 million a year

Unfortunately, the complexity part might not go anywhere as we continue shifting to a cloud- and API-based world, but we can certainly do something about the confusion. FireHydrant provides a 210% return on investment to enterprise-level customers like Luno and Arctic Wolf through our API capabilities, streamlined collaboration, and centralized incident management hub. And today, we are adding Multi Org to the mix, making FireHydrant the most complete solution for enterprises. 

Gone are the days of cumbersome switching between different tools and platforms. This streamlined collaboration enhances incident response and fosters a culture of teamwork, ensuring that all relevant stakeholders are on the same page during critical moments. Let’s talk about how.

Meet Multi-Org

At its core, Multi Org lets enterprises create and maintain isolated environments within a main FireHydrant account, creating a separate incident space for different teams, business units, or subsidiaries. 

This separation ensures that incidents, configurations, runbooks, and integrations are contained within their respective environments, enabling organization-level security, and providing a more organized incident response process. There are a variety of situations where this can come in handy: 

  • Subsidiaries and business lines: Manage incidents separately and ensure a smooth incident response process through a unified platform to keep operations organized.

  • Sandbox environment: Safely experiment, make changes, and validate processes before pushing them to production.

  • Privacy and security compliance: Maintain strict data isolation and comply with privacy and security regulations.

  • Autonomous teams: Allow teams to create processes to foster innovation and specialization while benefiting from a centralized incident management system.

  • Easy scaling: Add new divisions, subsidiaries, or teams with ease. Each new instance remains separate, preventing complexity as you scale.

While other incident management tools offer multi-organization support, FireHydrant's Multi-Org seamlessly integrates with a single Slack workspace. This user-friendly approach minimizes switching between Slack instances and enhances collaboration, setting FireHydrant apart as the most complete enterprise incident management solution.

Check Multi Org out in action below.

FireHydrant for enterprise

FireHydrant's Multi Org feature, API capabilities, streamlined collaboration, and centralized incident management hub collectively position it as the ultimate choice for modern enterprises seeking comprehensive incident management solutions. With FireHydrant, enterprises address the challenges of incident response, elevate their operations, enhance teamwork, and build a robust foundation for future growth and success.

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