Reliability is every service owners responsibility.

Catalog every service you run and the teams that own them. Quickly find recent deployments and relevant resources about every application in your stack and prepare for operational readiness.

Companies of all sizes use FireHydrant

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Break down knowledge silos

We built FireHydrant’s Service Catalog to empower every team member to know which environments, services, and functionality your business relies on.

Track every deployment, link to every dashboard, and access it all with ease. Catalog your services with our API, Terraform, or Kubernetes. We integrate with Backstage, too.

Differentiate incident processes

Automatically run a different incident process when certain services or tiers are impacted on an incident.

Instantly assign responsible teams, notify Slack channels, and find recent deployments that may be a contributing factor in the failure.

The catalog that is always up-to-date

FireHydrant makes it easy to keep your catalog up to date by integrating with Kubernetes, GitHub, Terraform, and Backstage. Build trust in your engineering team by never providing out-of-date information ever again.

Be proactive about production

Readiness Checklists allow teams to ensure that every service they deploy meets or exceeds production qualifications. Create and assign readiness checklists to services across your entire service catalog to avoid preventable incidents.