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Julia Tran

Quickly and efficiently manage your incidents with FireHydrant and Backstage!

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Backstage is an open API platform for building developer portals by Spotify. Powered by a centralized software catalog, Backstage organizes your infrastructure and enables your product teams to ship high-quality code quickly. 

With the Firehydrant plugin, we introduce FireHydrant’s incident management and analytics in Backstage, so you can quickly and efficiently manage your incidents within Backstage. Teams can keep organized and easily identify information about services like recent active incidents, incident analytics service healthiness, time impacted, and MTT* (Mean Time To *) data.

Learn more about how to add the FireHydrant plug-in here

Thank you to Roadie who provided us with a test environment and advice while we were building this Backstage plugin. To learn more about Backstage, check out their Ultimate Guide to Spotify Backstage.

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Read more about our engineer Christine Yi's experience developing the FireHydrant plug in for Backstage and the lessons that she learned from working in open source.

Christine also spoke at Backstage's Community Session on September 15. Check out the recording and meeting notes here.

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