We’ve made it even easier to manage your FireHydrant configuration with Terraform

Use the FireHydrant Terraform provider to configure Runbooks, task lists, service dependencies, incident roles, and more.

Michelle Peot

Many of our customers use FireHydrant’s verified Terraform provider to track configuration changes, ensure consistency, and automate repetitive configuration tasks. Back in March we streamlined our Terraform provider support for service catalog configuration. Today we are releasing extensive Terraform provider improvements for configuring runbooks, task lists, service dependencies, incident roles, and more.

What has changed?

We’ve added new provider support for configuring:

  • Incident roles
  • Priorities
  • Service dependencies
  • Severities
  • Task lists

We have also enhanced runbook condition attributes, and improved error handling and observability for runbook and service catalog provisioning resources.

To help newer Terraform users get up and running quickly we’ve made major enhancements to our Terraform provider documentation, including sample code for all resources and data sources.

TFP code sample

Of note to existing FireHydrant Terraform provider users, there are a handful of breaking changes to resource/runbook and resource/functionality to be aware of when upgrading.

Community contributions

We would like to thank Masaru Hoshi of Qlik for his gracious PR contribution for configuring priorities. We welcome additional community contributions to our open source Terraform provider. You can find our provider contribution guidelines in our public Github repo.

Getting started

You can learn more about Terraform basics from HashiCorp’s documentation. FireHydrant’s Terraform provider documentation is available in the Terraform Registry. If you’d like to check out the provider source code or changelog, see our public GitHub repo.

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