Microsoft Teams Bot Commands

This article describes all the commands available in our integration with MS Teams.

Note: All commands must first mention the FireHydrant bot, @FireHydrant.


Set up FireHydrant on your MS Teams account so that you can start creating and managing incidents


Remove FireHydrant from your MS Teams account


Declare a new FireHydrant incident from your Teams channel

add note

Adds a note to the incident

One way to think of notes is as pieces of information that are more important than normal chat messages. You can search a FireHydrant incident timeline and filter specifically by the content in a note (or notes) as opposed to typical chat messages. Adding a note gives you the option to publish the note to your status pages, but you aren't able to modify component statuses or milestones like you can with the update command.


Close a FireHydrant incident from your incident channel 

Last updated on 3/28/2023