Integrating with Microsoft Teams

This article describes how to set up and manage your integration with Microsoft Teams.

By setting up your runbooks and interacting with the FireHydrant bot, you can leverage FireHydrant’s automation for all parts of the incident lifecycle. 

Connect your Teams organization

  1. Go to FireHydrant's integrations page and click Microsoft Teams
  2. Follow the link to install the Teams integration
  3. After installation, go to a channel within your Team
  4. Type ‘@FireHydrant new’ and select Submit
  5. Follow link to create a Bot user 
  6. Provide token to bot and select Submit
  7. Verify installation

To remove your Teams integration

  1. Go to FireHydrant's integrations pageand click Microsoft Teams
  2. Edit the MS Teams integration 
  3. Select Uninstall

Last updated on 3/28/2023