Who to add to your FireHydrant account

Adding FireHydrant users based on alerts

Alerting a team member about an incident based on their role in your organization—and having that alert synchronized with a paging schedule—requires that the user also has an account in FireHydrant. For this reason, we typically recommend mapping your FireHydrant users one-to-one with your users who are on-call in your PagerDuty account. This practice is especially helpful if your organization has a service-oriented architecture. 

Adding users based on user role

If you're not using PagerDuty or you want to assign FireHydrant access based on each user's role, it's a best practice to grant FireHydrant access to the following members of your team:

For more information on adding users, see the article on feature access for users vs. non-users. 

Last updated on 3/28/2023