Linking services in other tools to FireHydrant services

If you have configured the GitHub, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, or VictorOps integrations, you can link your FireHydrant services to the correlating services in those tools. Once you link one of these integrations to a FireHydrant service, you have the ability to automatically alert a default escalation policy whenever your FireHydrant service is added to an incident. This ensures the service experts will immediately know about an incident taking place and be able to quickly resolve the issue on their service.

If you have a GitHub integration installed, this will allow you to see change events at a service level to quickly pinpoint service issues in an incident.

Prerequisites for linking services to FireHydrant services

To link your services, you'll need to have one of the integrations listed below configured, and you'll also need to have services created in FireHydrant. To learn more about creating services in FireHydrant, reference our service catalog documentation.

Integrations we currently support are:

Linking Services via Web UI

  1. Select a service from theservice overview page.
  2. Click Edit details.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled Integration links.
  4. If you have installed one of the above supported alerting integrations, you will have the option to click Configure.
  5. Once you click Configure , FireHydrant will return a list of integration values that relate to escalation policies you have set up inside this integration.
  6. You can select one or more integration services to link to your service in FireHydrant. Once you have finished selecting, scroll down to Save edits.
  7. With this Integration link you will be able to set up Automatic alerting on this service. To learn about enabling automatic alerting,reference this doc.

Linking Services via API

If you want to link multiple services across multiple integration values, you have the option of bulk updating hundreds of services recursively via API. When using the API you have multiple options to create new services with integration links, update current services, or delete integration links from services.

Once you have a bot user setup, visit our API Documentation here to setup your Integration links section inside your services.

Last updated on 3/23/2023