Freeform Text

For all Runbook steps that aren't directly tied to an integration offered by FireHydrant, Freeform Runbook steps are your solution. When you start configuring Runbooks inside of FireHydrant, most of your steps will use freeform text.

To add a freeform text Runbook step:

  1. In the left nav, click Runbooks
  2. Open the Runbook where you want to add the step.
  3. in the Available steps section, select the Freeform Text step. (You can find this step quickly by using the term "text" in the Search field.


  1. Give the step a title and details as you would with other Runbook steps. Freeform text Runbook steps support Markdown.

Screen_Shot_2022-02-16_at_3.54.13_PM.png 5. (Optional) After providing the step details, click the Conditions & Scheduling tab to add rules and define repeat scheduling for the step.

When you execute the Runbook that includes your freeform text step, the step appears in the list of all Runbook steps for the incident (under the Remediation tab on the incident page).

Last updated on 9/15/2023