Incident Management Buyer's Guide

Here is your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about when and how to find the best incident management solution for your team

Chapter 8

What a successful trial looks like

We’ve gone through quite a few trials in our day, both while searching for solutions and partnering with our customer, and we’ve found that FireDrills are the best way to determine if a tool works for your ideal process before committing to purchase. FireDrills, sometimes known as GameDays, are a tabletop exercise designed to create a low-stress environment to validate we have the right end-to-end incident management processes in place. 

Ahead of the FireDrill, you'll want to determine what kind of incident you want to simultate, make sure all of the key stakeholders are there to participate or observe, and have a good understanding of the outcome you are trying to achieve with the incident management tool.

A typical FireDrill at FireHydrant goes like this: 

  1. Incident commander declares the incident

  2. Runbook triggers response rrocess

  3. Participants Interact with the Slackbot /FireHydrant

  4. Resolve the incident

  5. Conduct incident retrospective

  6. Discuss & Q/A

The goal of the FireDrill is to foster discussion and achieve a team-wide understanding about how incident management is conducted with the tool and its fit for your team. It should also help you build consensus among your team and get the budget you need from leadership. 

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