Incident Management Buyer's Guide

Here is your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about when and how to find the best incident management solution for your team

Chapter 1

Introduction to buying an incident management solution

Incident management is reputation management, at scale. 

In today’s on-demand world, customers expect products to work perfectly all the time and businesses that don’t deliver a seamless experience get quickly replaced by ones that can. Reliability breeds loyalty, and the companies that have the highest reliability are the ones trusted in the market because they can respond to incidents efficiently and effectively, without skipping a beat. 

To meet customer expectations, teams need to move beyond a reactive on-call model, which stands out as increasingly aged, to an operationalized incident management system. Seamless incident management is the hallmark of high-reliability teams. 

We're all about reliability at FireHydrant; in fact, we developed our platform because we couldn’t find an incident management solution that was focused enough on reliability. So we understand that finding the right solution can be difficult. We put together this guide based on what we’ve seen from customers and market research in hopes that we can help you better understand:

  1. when to start looking for a comprehensive incident management solution

  2. how to scope requirements

  3. whether you should build or buy a platform

  4. how to find the best tool for your team

To learn more about definitions and best practices around incident management, check out our Reliability Guide.

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