We’ve made it even easier to manage your FireHydrant configuration with Terraform

Use the FireHydrant Terraform provider to configure Runbooks, task lists, service dependencies, incident roles, and more.


The Final Episode - Episode 10 of Throughput Thursdays

We made it to our final episode! Thank you to everyone that tuned in and watched Bobby get a Terraform provider up and running. We hope you enjoyed watching me through the good, bad, and ugly these past 20 or so hours.


Breaking down the interface - Episode 8 of Throughput Thursdays

In episode 8 of Throughput Thursdays, we break down all the logically grouped pieces into their own interfaces and create an interface on our client that can return.


More New Terraform Resources - Episode 7 of Throughput Thursdays

In episode 7, we create resources for managing teams and severities through the Terraform provider, which means we now can now manage more of users’ FireHydrant configurations with code.


Creating a Data Source - Episode 6 of Throughput Thursdays

In Episode 6, we update our Terraform resource for FireHydrant functionalities and create a data source for FireHydrant services. This allows us to pull services from a list and link them to functionalities. Linking resources like this lets us do a lot of cool things with Terraform.


Testing Our Terraform Resources - Episode 5 of Throughput Thursdays

In this episode of Throughput Thursdays, we test our Terraform resources. If you missed it, you can watch it here.


Adding Two Terraform Resources - Episode 4 of Throughput Thursdays

In episode 4, we were able to achieve creating two full-blown Terraform resources for FireHydrant environments and functionalities. While simple resources, they unlock a lot of power that did not exist previously for teams that want to document their infrastructure using Terraform.


We’re Building a Terraform Provider! - Episode 1 of Throughput Thursdays

In Episode 1, we started out the Terraform provider with a simple data resource against the FireHydrant API. We were able to successfully retrieve information about a single service and display its name in our terminal!