Avoid frostbite: Stop doing code freezes

A code freeze is intentionally halting changes to your codebase and environments in an effort to reduce the risk of an outage.On the surface, pausing on deployments feels like a logical solution to preventing incidents. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

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Four things to consider when evaluating incident management platforms

Four things to consider when evaluating incident management platforms--from whether you have the culture and process to support a potential tool, to understanding your pain points, to knowing which key stakeholders to involve.

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WTF is Incident Management? Post-Panel Wrap-Up

Our panel discussion, "WTF is Incident Management," generated some great insight from a group of very experienced industry professionals.

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Failover Conf 2021 Wrap-Up

Failover Conf 2021 offered great discussions about reliability practices, concepts, and culture.