Identify and manage impacted customers with our new Zendesk integration

FireHydrant's new Zendesk integration allows users to link Zendesk tickets with FireHydrant incidents to quickly assess customer impact, determine incident severity and. priority, and optimize stakeholder communications.


We’ve made it even easier to manage your FireHydrant configuration with Terraform

Use the FireHydrant Terraform provider to configure Runbooks, task lists, service dependencies, incident roles, and more.

integrationjirajira cloudjira server

Get more from your Jira integration with custom field support

FireHydrant now supports incident data field mapping to Jira custom fields, including the most common epic ticket type and customer-defined fields.

integrationgoogle docs

Collaboratively author retrospectives with our new Google Docs integration

Use our new Google Docs integration to export incident data and work collaboratively on retrospectives, all while maintaining traceability back to your FireHydrant incident.

jirajira cloudjira serverintegration

Improved routing for Jira Cloud and Jira Server tickets with multi-project support

You can now route your incident tickets and follow-up work to remediation teams' Jira projects directly from FireHydrant, saving you valuable time and clean-up work


Announcing our newest integration: Confluence

Starting today, incident and retrospective data that lives inside FireHydrant is now easier than ever to export to your Confluence account.


New Integration: Declare FireHydrant Incidents from Checkly Alerts 

Learn more about our integration with Checkly, an API and E2E monitoring platform