August 3, 2020

Zoom, Slack, Runbook updates, & more

ICYMI: We’ve got a Zoom Integration

Creating a conference bridge for an incident is one of the most common requests we have heard. Our new Zoom integration will automatically spin up a bridge and make it even easier for your response team to get on the same page.

Quickly Know Who’s On Call

Knowing who is on call is already difficult and now, when you're remote, knowing who is on call can present a whole other set of challenges. To help you keep track, we’ve built a new Slack command to easily see on-calls and escalation policies for any given service in your organization, inside of the tool that you are using most frequently: Slack. Try it out by running /firehydrant on-call.

Webhook Runbook Step

Integrating your incident response with your other applications has now become significantly easier. You can now leverage the automation of Runbooks to send webhooks based on the state of your incident.

New Slack Commands

Remembering all of FireHydrant's Slack commands can be challenging in the heat of an incident. By running /firehydrant you can now see a list of available commands and run them with one click.

See FireHydrant in action

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