February 14, 2022

Operational Readiness Checklists + More

Feature - New Operational Readiness Checklist feature for Service Catalog. Learn more here. Feature - Users can now export incident data into Confluence for collaborative activities, like incident reports and retrospectives. Get started by configuring your Confluence integration. Feature - We now support integration with multiple Jira Cloud and Jira On-Prem projects. This allows users to create incident tickets and action items in team-specific Jira projects directly from FireHydrant. This release also introduces a new integration-specific create incident ticket Runbook step. We ask all customers using the Jira integration to transition to their Runbooks to the new step, as we plan to deprecate the generic step at the end of June. Feature - Two new template variables are now supported, incident.last_note.body and incident.last_note.created_at to capture the most recent incident update and timestamp regardless of whether the update was generated by a single action or by bulk update. We plan to deprecate incident.last_update at the end of June 2022 and request that customers migrate over to the newer incident.last_note.body. Feature - Added Mean Time to Mitigation (MTTM) to our weekly summary email

Bug - Fixed alert ingestion for when an integration link is established between PagerDuty and a FireHydrant Service. Bug - Fixed runbook rules to prevent customers from creating a runbook rule that would not work with time constraints beyond the maximum time allowed for rule execution. Bug - Fixed bug that was preventing some customers from exporting incident and service data into a CSV Bug - Fixed bug to maintain consistent formatting of incident duration in our Overview and Analytics pages Bug - Fixed bug that was causing some customers to view updates on their internal incident status page after the incident was resolved Bug - Help icon in runbook conditions routes to the correct help documentation Bug - Fixed bug that was causing issues in weekly summary emails.

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