April 5, 2022

Terraform and MS Teams

Feature - FireHydrant is now available in MS Teams Feature - New Service Details Overview for Service Catalog Feature - Terraform 0.2.0 released Feature - Now a verified Terraform Provider Feature - New Free Tier experience for small teams released Feature - Free Tier Update: Can now set up a single project for Jira cloud Feature - We now support integration with multiple Shortcut projects Feature - We released new guidance for automating Jira multi-project configuration via the API. Feature - Added improved error handling for errors associated with Jira multi-project configuration.

Bug - Better messaging for Runbook Step access for Free Tier users Bug - Fixed a bug with the Jira multi-project configuration settings to allow new tickets to have a default status of "In Progress" Bug - Fixed a bug where FireHydrant status updates for linked action items were not propagating to linked Jira tickets Bug - Reordered the multi-project configuration UI to be more logical in field mapping flow. Incident ticket field mappings are now grouped, as are action item ticket field mappings Bug - Fixed a bug related to Zoom user assignment for schedule maintenance runbooks Bug - Fixed pagination to better support users with long lists of Jira projects

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