February 13, 2023

New Zoom OAuth Integration and fh.new

Zoom Oauth Application

  • Today, we're launching a new OAuth-based integration with Zoom to make it easier to integrate your Zoom account.
  • On June 1st, Zoom will deprecate their JWT application support, and we will deprecate the prior version of our Zoom integration at that time.
  • To learn more, read our documentation on the new Zoom OAuth integration.


  • We've added a new shortcut to open incidents for your team. Using our new link at https://fh.new, users can quickly open a new incident in the FireHydrant UI.

Fixes and Bugs

  • We added the ability to add new timeline events during a retrospective
  • We updated incident types to allow for the creation of private incidents
  • We added the ability to edit status page updates in the command center, allowing you to change any message you've already posted to your status page.
  • We added the ability to skip required fields when testing a runbook
  • We updated retrospective fields to editable components to avoid overwriting and to allow for in-context preview of Markdown
  • We added the ability to change the severity or priority of an incident in the retrospective
  • We improved validation warnings when filling out required fields in retrospectives
  • We fixed an issue with Jira server ticket status syncing
  • We updated runbook Slack channel creation to always create private channels when run inside a private incident

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