February 23, 2024

Jira Configuration Improvements, Incident Source Analysis, and More!

Improvements to Jira Integration Configuration

Jira configuration, especially as a non-Jira expert has always been difficult. We’re super excited to tell you that it’s getting a little bit easier. We’ve improved the user experience around configuring jira as well as updated the copy to make it clearer what each button in Jira configuration does. If you need to set up a new Jira configuration, feel free to try it out, by adding a Jira Cloud connection in Settings > Integration

Analyzing Incident Source

When incidents happen, everyone is always concerned with “how did we find out about this,” as more organizations aim to find problems ahead of their customers through enhanced automation and alerting. For all of our new customers, we’ve added a field for “discovered by,” allowing customers to better capture how they found out about an incident, and understand if their automation efforts are working through our new analytics tooling. For existing customers - you’re not left behind! The new field works on the same system as our existing custom fields, and you can manually add it via Settings > Incident Settings. Then, once you’ve populated that field on incidents, use MTTX analytics to understand where the bulk of your incidents come from, and which ones take the longest to resolve!

Improved Error Reporting

Debugging is an awful rabbit hole. We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we find a hidden error, fix it, and are blessed with 20 new errors that we’re now newly aware of. Today, we’re happy to report that we’ve been hard at work to give more transparent and descriptive error messages that will hopefully help you identify when and where things are going wrong across Jira, PagerDuty, and Webhooks.

Misc Bugs + Fixes:

  • Fixed a front-end issue where runbook conditions and scheduling could be misaligned to the modal
  • Added linked alerts support to OpsGenie
  • Fixed an issue with associating services to teams

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