October 11, 2022

Default Views, Auto-Add Tags to Incidents, and Lots of Fixes

Default Views in Service Catalog

  • Building off of the Saved Views work, we brought in a quick win to allow users to save a Default View based on a Saved View. When set, this view will now load on the first visit to the Service Catalog Overview. We also placed helpful UX Tooltips to help educate this new functionality. Last, a new pill tag to show when you are on the default view. Default View is set at a user level and not for the organization.

Ability to automatically add tags to an incident by default

  • Clients can now automate the addition of incident tags via the incident_update runbook step. Not only can the user pick from an existing list of tags, but they can also create a new tag on the spot.

Error Reporting for POST /v1/incidents

  • Instead of seeing a 500 error for posting with an invalid service ID, we will now return a 400 with the description of the failure.

Example response body :

{ ...

    "messages": [

        "impacts service id 123456-ad43-adff-8b5e-64257 could not be found",

        "impacts condition_id 64257-ad43-adff-8b5e-123456 could not be found"



Bugs and other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Link & Import and integration links for Functionalities
  • Updated API Docs for /service
  • Fixed bug where Integration form was resetting because of Entitlements check and page focus
  • Fixed the bad search query of Backstage Services matching FireHydrant Services.
  • Turned on edit support for integration links on externally managed Services.
  • Fixed an issue with service pagination.
  • Updated the Edit Service form delete & save to new design language
  • Updated how we run team assignment for slack commands to an aysnc job
  • Fixed an issue where the input to any of the fields on that page are disappearing when you navigate away

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