September 26, 2022

Easier Filtering for Services, Simpler Runbooks in Test Incidents, and Incident Stats in Liquid Templates

Filtering UI Updates

  • Users can now instantly see their filters updated when filtering services in the main service catalog view. Selecting a team, tier, or connected functionality now immediately updates the list view. Keep an eye out for this pattern rolling out across the application!

Test runbook without other default runbooks attaching

  • Previously, customers had no way to test a runbook in isolation; hitting the "Test" button from a runbook would declare a new incident and specify that runbook for attachment, but any other runbooks that attach automatically would also start running for that incident. We introduced the ability to test a single runbook and only that single runbook.

Add participation statistics to template variables

  • We took our participation statistics to the next level by adding incident stats to the IncidentEntity in our liquid templates. This exposes it to both the public API and for liquid rendering in Runbook steps.

    *Incident Stats*
    {% assign stats = incident.participation_stats %}
    Total Messages: {{ stats.chat_messages }}
    Starred Messages: {{ stats.starred_messages }}
    Tasks Completed: {{ stats.tasks_completed }}
    Actions Taken: {{ stats.actions_taken }}
    {% for user in incident.participation_stats.user_stats %}
      *{{ }}*:
      * {{user.chat_messages}} messages
      * {{user.starred_messages}} starred messages
      * {{user.tasks_completed}} tasks completed
      * {{user.actions_taken}} actions taken
      * {{user.time_in_incident}} in incident
    {% endfor %}

These new template variables make it easy to share stats in Slack messages, emails, and even via webhooks for custom integrations.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect system data on Status Pages
  • Fixed issue with users receiving emails after they are removed from org

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