April 24, 2023

Add Teams to Incidents in Declare Incident Form and Convert Tasks to Follow-Ups

Team Assignment in Declare Incident Form

  • Users can now assign a team to an incident when declaring one in the web UI. This allows users, regardless of where they are declaring an incident, to bring the right team into the incident.

SCIM support for Google Workspaces

  • For organizations using Google Workspace, we now offer full SCIM support for provisioning and de-provisioning users.

Updated Incident Export to async with email follow-up

  • To improve the performance and user experience of exporting incidents from the Incidents list view in FireHydrant, we are now running the export task asynchronously and emailing users when it's ready to download.

Convert Tasks to Follow Up Tickets

  • We re-added the ability to change any of your in-incident tasks to follow-up tickets. This makes it easy to ensure important work makes it from the incident into follow-ups.

Bugs and Fixes

  • We updated tabs in Command Center and Retrospective views to be responsive
  • We now hide incident types in the incident declaration form if not incident types are present
  • Fixed bug with data export dropping incidents
  • We added support For Liquid Templating in "Add a Bookmark" Runbook Step
  • We updated our GoLang API client
  • We now allow requiring passwords on our Zoom meeting integration
  • We added more useful upstream error reporting from Jira
  • We fixed an issue with Slack usernames showing up in Google Meet links
  • We fixed an issue with incident labels not filtering properly on the Incident list page
  • We fixed an issue with system-wide status page not updating
  • We fixed an issue with directly inviting @usernames to a Slack channel via runbooks
  • We fixed a bug where discarded users were being auto-linked in Slack
  • We fixed a bug where starring Slack messages wasn't properly adding a star to timeline items in FireHydrant

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