April 3, 2023

Assign Teams when Declaring an Incident, Get On-Call Schedules for Functionalities

Assign Teams when declaring an incident in Slack and via the API

  • When your team is declaring an incident in Slack or via the API, they can easily assign a team to the incident using any team you’ve created in FireHydrant. Team assignment is now available as a controllable field and may need to be added to your modal in Organization > Settings > Incident fields settings. If you're declaring an incident via the API, you can now pass an array of ids through the parameter team_ids.

Retrieve on-call schedules associated with Functionalities

  • We added the ability to retrieve an on-call schedule from your 3rd party tool when you’ve linked that schedule to a Functionality in FireHydrant. Previously, this was limited to just Services.

Bugs and Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with our New Incident status would sometimes double post in Slack
  • We fixed an issue with timestamps not saving for custom change events
  • We fixed an issue with syncing inactive PagerDuty users

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