Bluecore saves 30-90 minutes of time per incident using FireHydrant

Bluecore needed to automate their manual workflows to streamline their incident management processes. Learn how they were able to save time by using FireHydrant Runbooks.


Bluecore is an AI-driven marketing platform that uses predictive intelligence to trigger, prioritize, and personalize retail marketing. Today, Bluecore helps companies increase marketing revenue, customer retention, lifetime value, and overall speed to execution for more than 400 brands, including Express, Nike, Sephora, Jockey, Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, and more.


Supporting the world’s top brands comes with managing an abundance of sensitive customer data. Due to this, Bluecore has extremely tight SLAs around disclosing their platform availability to their customers. To do this, developer teams have to work extremely quickly to communicate status availability to their internal stakeholders. Their manual process was slowing the team down and they needed a way to eliminate the toil.


Bluecore leverages FireHydrant Runbooks to fully automate the process of communicating incident status to internal stakeholders. The ability to fully customize processes in FireHydrant Runbooks allows Bluecore to take their previously manual and tedious steps (such as opening Jira tickets, updating status pages, and retro documentation) and fully automate those steps saving their engineers time to focus on the actual incident and getting their systems back and running.


After implementing FireHydrant Runbooks, Bluecore saw significant time savings. They were able to

  • Save 30-90 minutes of their engineers time per incident during the incident response process
  • Save 90-120 minutes of engineers time during the post-incident review

With more time back, Bluecore engineers are able to completely streamline their communication with their internal stakeholders more efficiently and get to resolving incidents more quickly.

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