Create consistent incident processes, fast

FireHydrant brings automation to your incident workflow so your team can spend less time thinking about what to do next and get to mitigating the actual issue faster.

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How we help

Eliminating toil has never been easier

Incorporating automation keeps you and your team on top of managing your systems. From the instant you declare an incident, let FireHydrant Runbooks run through an entire process in seconds - eliminating toil and streamlining your process.

Build your workflows effortlessly

FireHydrant’s Runbooks allows you to quickly and easily automate your workflows to your specifications. Additionally, you can further expand what you automate by leveraging FireHydrant’s best-practice templates and identify more triggers that expand and grow the impact of your process.

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Turn minutes into seconds

Automation turns the critical minutes of any part of your process - from declaration to when to update a status page to closing an incident - into seconds of action, getting your team to mitigating and resolving the incident faster.

Consistency at scale

FireHydrant grows with your organization, becoming a powerful workflow engine that allows you to capture the intricacies of your process and the requirements from every angle of your business. Consistency can be difficult when you rely on sheer human effort, and FireHydrant allows you to ensure your incident process is executed seamlessly no matter the size of your organization - leaving no room for human error.

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See how service catalog, incident management, and incident communications come together in a live demo.

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