Slack + FireHydrant

Our incident management with Slack has been a part of FireHydrant from day one. Our powerful integration allows you to fully operate FireHydrant without ever leaving your Slack window. Kick-off incidents, keep up to date, and everything that happens from alert to resolution is automatically documented and saved in FireHydrant’s platform for easy retrospective creation.

Open incidents

We've built our Slack integration to make opening an incident with all the right information easy. Pull information from your Service Catalog right into your new incident and get to triaging quickly. FireHydrant's Runbooks will kick off the moment you declare an incident from Slack, reducing the amount of time you spend on manually creating tickets, Zoom bridges, or notifying customer support.

Collect Incident Timelines

FireHydrant creates a Slack channel dedicated to your incident where we'll automatically collect all of the messages sent and make them available for your incident retrospective.


Automatically notify other channels in your Slack workspace about the newly opened incident instantly. FireHydrant provides status pages for companies wanting to communicate internally to teammates as well as externally to eager customers.

Service Catalog Discoverability

Easily query services from wherever you work, whether that is Slack, our web UI, our through APIs and quickly find out what a service does, who created it, the recent changes, and all other information associated with it. 

See FireHydrant in action

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