Everything you need to respond to an incident

Empower everyone on your team to respond to every incident effectively. Build trust with the rest of your company and your customers by responding consistently and with best practices right out of the box.


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The tool we wanted

FireHydrant was built to fill the gap we felt every engineering team had with incident response and service ownership. From deployment to downtime, we’ve built the tools we wish we had as engineers ourselves.


Efficient, Predictable, and Unified Incident Response

Never hesitate to open an incident ever again. FireHydrant helps you declare, respond, and communicate about incidents of any severity and priority with consistency. Leverage our best in class process, or bring your own with our Runbook automation.


Service ownership at the center

Instantly know which teams own disrupted services by leveraging our built-in service catalog. FireHydrant surfaces the important context: active alerts, recent deployments, observability information, and suggests teams to respond to an incident.

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The link between all your tools

Leverage all of the tools you already have by integrating them with our platform. Declare with Slack, notify with PagerDuty, and track incident action items with Jira, all from FireHydrant. That’s just scratching the surface.

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Never copy and paste Slack messages into a document ever again. FireHydrant records the incident as it happens in real-time and creates a timeline for you to easily tell a story in your retrospective meetings.


Conquer communication

Provide timely updates about your incidents to the teams that need them. From status pages, Slack notifications, to email updates, FireHydrant provides a way for teams to effectively communicate service disruptions to everyone that needs to know. Incident responders, customer support, and the general public can all receive updates.

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FireHydrant works at any scale, for organizations of all types. From single SRE teams, to entire enterprises, we’ve seen it all.

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Adam Whitlock

Engineering Manager

FireHydrant solved problems we had with incident processes. Creating incidents, communication to on-call teams, collecting notes, and incident metrics are all easier than before.

Mike Hamrah

VP Engineering

FireHydrant improves our engineering culture by helping us respond and learn from incidents, solidifying our platform for our customers. It's constantly improving, helping us manage more complex systems as we grow and scale.

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