Find factors faster with discoverable deploys

FireHydrant captures, categorizes, and displays important changes from all corners of your complex system. Now you can spend less time searching and more time fixing.


Track all changes

FireHydrant will track and catalog all of the changes that go out in your applications so that you have an accessible place to view all of your changes, all within the same platform you use to resolve incidents.

Put out fires faster

FireHydrant automates the process of surfacing important data around your deploys directly in the platform, so you don’t waste time searching.

Stay organized

FireHydrant will link your changes together, giving you a timeline of how a single change propagated through your system, letting you find the part of your pipeline that is causing issues quicker.

How it works

Easy integration to keep organized

FireHydrant integrates with popular tools, such as GitHub, Kubernetes, and AWS Cloudtrail, to automatically capture changes from your CI/CD pipeline.

Quickly identify potential impact during the heat of an incident

FireHydrant will surface recent deploys at the start of your incident so that you can quickly investigate and take action.

Remediate the issue with FireHydrant Runbooks

Trace the lifecycle of a merge FireHydrant automatically links individual events together into a compelling timeline of how a change went from merge to available.

Know what’s happening when it’s happening with Deploy Tracking

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