August 29, 2022

Zendesk Tickets with Customer Organizations, Status Page Performance Tuning, and Custom Types in Jira

Linked Zendesk tickets now capture impacted customer org

  • Zendesk tickets linked to an incident now display the impacted customer org from Zendesk. This enhancement is only available in the new incident Command Center view. Learn more about our Zendesk integration here.

Status Page Performance Tuning

  • Users of our status pages will notice a decrease in load times. For example, one organization saw their status page load time go from 192s to 7s. The performance enhancement is rolled out to all users.

Add ability to field map additional Jira fields with custom types

  • Added support for insight based custom fields in the Jira integration. Updated issues with datetime parsing and assignee fields.

Bug Fixes

  • Enforce clicking preview always places you in preview mode. Prior to this change, it was easy to get lost in multi-step changes. For example, clicking cancel while editing the preview might place a user back in edit mode if they clicked preview again. Now, when users hit the preview button, it takes them to the expected preview.
  • Direct message a user to next if certain message shortcuts fail due to being run in private channels. The FireHydrant Slack app will now directly message a user when message shortcuts fail due to restricted privileges from private channels or direct messages. This change guides the user to actionable next steps or informs them of the permission restriction rather than failing silently.

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