June 1, 2019

Webhooks + Saved Searches

Announcing Webhooks

If you want to build tools to communicate updates for deployments, it can be a ride on the struggle bus if you don't have a single source of truth.

Using FireHydrant's change log solves the problem of "source of truth", but until today there was no way to receive a notification about a change being deployed.

With our new webhooks feature, we've solved just that. Receive a HTTP request anytime a change event is created or updated to one or multiple endpoints that you get to configure!

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Keep your frequent searches for later

Using our change events filtering, you can find deploys to production for a certain service in the last hour with ease. Today we're also happy to announce that you can save these searches for later with our new Saved Search functionality. This is available or all users today on the change events page.

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