July 21, 2022

Tasks allow you to predefine incident response process and reduce cognitive load for responders

Starting today, FireHydrant has a wholly redesigned Task experience for incident response.

  • You can now predefine Task Lists before an incident to be attached via Runbook automation or manually throughout the incident. We’ve been using Task Lists internally for deprecating playbooks on cluster failovers, compliance tasks, incident commander responsibilities, and Slack reviews. Task lists ensure that your process is as seamless to use as possible.
  • Task creation has been rebuilt from the ground up in Slack. All our commands have a fresh coat of paint to make it straightforward to create new tasks, add task lists to incidents, and assign those tasks during the incident. Messages for Tasks are more compact, and we’ve made the assignment DMs easier to take action on for assignees.
  • The most significant update has focused on Task management in Slack. Now running /fh tasks will open a project management modal for all of your incident tasks. You can filter based on assignment, state, and task list while quickly being able to update the assignee and Task state without leaving that screen.

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